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Carrie Underwood, We Hear You — It's a Struggle to Keep Off What You Call “Potato Chip Weight!”

Tue, January 5, 2010 10:09am EDT by Chloe Melas Add first Comment
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Getty Images

For all you who think Carrie’s perfectly toned body comes naturally — think again! The blonde knockout admits that she works vigorously to maintain her flawless figure!

Country music sensation Carrie Underwood confesses that keeping the weight off of her 5’3” frame is a daily mission, and her highly sought-after body hasn’t always been so perfect,”Genetics are not exactly on my side,” she admitted Jan.2 on Steve Warne’s radio show, The Grecosize in Ottawa, Canada. “Once I got out of high school I packed on about 10 pounds, and once I was on American Idol I packed on another 10 pounds. I’m a little person — I was about 130 [lbs.]”

The singer’s recent engagement to hockey player Mike Fisher Dec. 20 has jumpstarted her workout regimen: “[Tony Greco, her personal trainer] is kicking my butt,” she says. “Especially with a tour coming up and a wedding to look good for.”

Her main focus in her workout is definitely her tummy” “I carry all of my stress weight all my potato chip weight around my mid section,” says Carrie. “You’ve got to fight genetics sometimes.”

Carrie may be a celeb but she makes sure that her life out of the spotlight is low-key, “My off days on the road are spent doing laundry and buying groceries,” Carrie confesses.

Her trick to keeping slim on the road? Buying her own groceries! “I do not eat catering,” she says. “I have a refrigerator on the bus an when we’re in a decent town that has a decent grocery store, I just go and stock up.”

The newly engaged duo hasn’t set a date yet, but Carrie explains that their lives are just so hectic, “Our schedules don’t provide us too much time to get married and have time to really enjoy being married,” she says. “We’re trying to really work it out and move some stuff around.” — Chloe Melas