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Your Weekly OMG & TMI! Keepin' Up with 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians'! OMG: Kris Steals Bruce's ATM Card & TMI: Khloe Tells Bruce, “Your Balls Are In A Vice!”

Mon, January 4, 2010 3:45pm EDT by Chloe Melas Add first Comment


Get ready HL’ers for a weekly run down from Katrina and Chloe!

Each week the Kardashian clan has us doing one of two things: keeling over laughing at Khloe’s ridiculous comments, or wide eyed and shocked with Kim’s outrageous behavior. It’s either a TMI moment or a total OMG can’t believe she just said that instance. The incredibly loyal viewers of the dash crew now have a voice, and that’s through TMI time with Chloe and OMG with Katrina.
So here we are to break down the obsession that is Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 4. Last nights Jan. 3 episode is definitely one for talking about:

OMG: Rob is a cheater! I was shocked to find out Rob cheated on his former live-in girlfriend Adrienne—but then again, after watching him pine after her it was pretty clear that he must’ve messed up. Aw Rob, we know it could be tough to come to terms with your mistake, but acting like a psycho and harassing a girl will only remind her how happy she is she doesn’t have to deal with you anymore. It’s one thing to send a note or flowers, but if she isn’t calling you back it’s time to take a hint. And Rob, as much as you may try to hide your feelings, it’s clear she’s still on your mind–or should we say, your chest. After all, you do still have her name tattooed on your bod! Rob, we know it stinks to deal with heartbreak, but we hope you take away two very valuable lessons from this experience–cheating will always lead to trouble, and matching couple tattoo’s are never a good idea!

TMI: We all know that Khloe is the queen of making things super awkward and pushing the envelope! Last night Khloe straight up asked Bruce if he still had his sausage or did Kris cut it off. Of course Bruce joined in with Khloe’s banter by responding, “I have what’s left of it.” Poor Bruce, he can’t ever catch a break!

OMG: Kris takes away Bruce‘s ATM card! Who knew Kris was so controlling when it comes to cash?! It isn’t enough that Bruce sits back and deals with the daily drama stirred up by the Kardashian women, but the former Olympic athlete is also required to turn over EVERY check to his “manager” wife, who wants to pre-approve her hubby’s purchases. Kris, who are you trying to fool? We all know you aren’t the main bread-winner, so why are you confiscating your husbands ATM card? I would love to know what cut you take out of his earnings. It was so great to see Bruce finally take control and say, “Bitch I want my damn ATM card!” thanks to a wake-up call from Khloe and Kim. Bruce we hope you start standing up for yourself more often!

TMI: Kris and Bruce definitely keep their chemistry alive but sometimes they’re a little too sexual! It makes me want to scream “get a room,” but overt sexuality seems to be a common thread amongst the dash crew. Kris told Bruce that she thought it was sexy when he got mad to which he responded, “I’ll have to make you mad more often.” Then Bruce planted a big wet one on her in the middle of the hobby store (where he was buying his new toy helicopter). I guess more power to the happy couple, but no need to make us gag on a Sunday night.