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Pauly D — Why Does Michael Cera's Mane Get Your Mousse Massage — and Not Mine?

Mon, January 4, 2010 5:26pm EDT by 1 Comment


On behalf of all the men of — and yes, we’re here for you, brah — we hereby beg you to give us a Jersey Shore-style blowout!

As far as I can tell, Pauly D, there’s only one Problem with these Facebook photos of you giving Michael Cera your trademark gel- and spray-irradiated Pimpadour: Michael freakin’ Cera. Me and the boys — Willie, Carlos, and Kelly — fully admit it: We’re totally in awe of that stiff, crunchy, porcupine-inspired masterpiece on top of your head, which our beauty editor Marta deconstructed ages ago. Looks like you did the best you could with Cera’s soft, dull indie-nerd moptop.

But you’d have much richer material to work with here — fast-and-furious Asian, caliente Costa Rican coiff, black Irish stout — just waiting for your gellin’ genius.

Problem, be our Solution: Blow us the f*** out, yo! — Will Lee