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An Expert Tells Why Sienna Miller Would Give 'Bad Boy' Jude Law a Second Chance

Sat, January 2, 2010 10:30am EDT by Add first Comment


Why do girls love bad boys…even when they know they’re no good?

Sienna Miller, 28, is giving Jude Law, 37, another chance after he cheated on her five years ago with his nanny. And he seems to know why.

“I think women like bad boys. That’s been my experience,” he told Parade. “I just think it’s kind of a given. You know, at a certain age you figure out what works for you and being a good boy never worked for me.”

Um, clearly. But why do girls still fall for no good boys like Rude Jude?

“The truth of the matter is, bad boys tend to be more fun,” relationship expert Maryanne Comaroto explains to “Often times women of all ages equate intimacy and health with being boring so there’s that excitement with the bad boys. Plus, we tend to like people who are very different from ourselves. It’s this biological draw.”

Adds Comaroto, “There’s also this kind of validation that occurs from obtaining the unattainable. You think, ‘If I can make him love me, wow, what a prize I am!’ We get self-esteem from validation, so what better way than to get someone unattainable.”

Sienna, surely you know you’re gorgeous and fabulous. We just hope you know exactly what you’re getting into so you don’t get hurt a second time around!

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