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Who Were 2009's Hottest Break-Out Celebs? Snooki Makes My List!

Thu, December 31, 2009 12:34pm EDT by 7 Comments


Some major well-known celebs dominated this news year. RihannaBarack Obama, Tiger Woods, and Charlie Sheen all made the headlines in a BIG way! But what about the stars you barely heard of until this year?

Here are 8 celebs who broke out in 2009 in a BIG way!

Justin Bieber: If you didn’t know who Justin Bieber was in 2008, you sure know him now! This 15-year-old Candian native won the hearts of teen girls (and even some a bit older!) with the hits off his album “My World.” His mall tour stop at Long Island’s Roosevelt Field Mall in November even had to be cancelled after police were called in to contain 3,000 screaming fans.  We haven’t seen a star like this since Paul McCartney!

Zoe Saldana: Even before Avatar, Zoe Saldana was pining for your boyfriend’s heart, as the super sexy inter-planetary lieutenant Uhura in summer blockbuster Star Trek. But the ladies love her too, for her poise, sense of style, and as a kick-butt warrior in James Cameron‘s epic 3-D flick.

Snooki: She’s little, she’s tan, and she loves pickles … and she’s not going away just yet! MTV’s Jersey Shore found a star to compete with the level of fame Lauren Conrad gained on The Hills. Italians despise her, New Jersey is embarrassed by her … but the fans just adore her! And her little poof.

Bradley Cooper: Sure, Bradley Cooper was around before ’09.  You might even remember him from 2005’s Wedding Crashers.  But in 2009, Bradley blew up! He’s Just Not That Into You made him a heartthrob, while The Hangover proved he can be a guys’ guy.  PLUS he’s dating a major A-List star Renee Zellweger now. We can’t even wait for 2010 when we’ll see that gorgeous smile light up the screen in Valentine’s Day!

Robert Pattinson: Twi-hard or not, nearly every female across the globe is totally Rob-sessed.  We obsess over his hair, his relationship with Kristen Stewart, his hygiene, his favorite foods … people ask him to bite them for heaven’s sake! Even though it’s tough to remember a time when the British hottie didn’t rule our lives, we bet you hadn’t even heard him before November, 2008, when he hit the big screen as Edward Cullen in the Twilight series.

Eva Amurri: She may still be a bit underground, but Eva Amurri has definitely arrived.  As smokin’ hot stripper/student Jackie on Showtime’s Californication, Eva plays a witty badass with a hot bod to boot.  Guys love her, girls want to be her … and she’s Susan Sarandon’s daughter, so you know she’s going places.

Lady Gaga: 2009 was the year of the Gaga.  When this producer turned performer started stepping out in crazy outfits and bizarre face coverings, sure some eyebrows were raised.  But by spring, even your mom was talking about Lady Gaga, and by now she knows all the lyrics to Paparazzi. She’s been nominated for five Grammy awards, co-starred on SNL with Madonna, and has the biggest New Year’s Eve party of the year.  What’s left to do in 2010?

Megan Fox: Love her or hate her, at some point in 2009, you had a conversation about Megan Fox. Between starring in the second Transformers flick and Jennifer’s Body, Megan spent her year talking smack about director Michael Bay, appearing on the cover of GQ, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Esquire, Rolling Stone, Nylon, and FHM magazines, and starring on SNL. As controversial as she is sexy, Megan isn’t going away … even if you’d like her to!


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