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Renee, You And Bradley Are Schlubby Matching Soulmates!

Thu, December 31, 2009 3:56pm EDT by Add first Comment


Do YOU start dressing like your significant other when you’re in love?

At first we couldn’t believe how schlubby you’ve looked lately, Renee Zellweger. You’re usually so glamorous in your Carolina Herrera ballgowns. But now we get why lately you’ve been dressing down so much: you want to match your hunky—yet sloppy—boyfriend, Bradley Cooper!

We first noticed Renee’s weird unisex cargo short-pant-like-things when the actress, 40, went shopping with Bradley’s mom in L.A. on Dec. 27. We put two and two together when we spotted Bradley, 34, a few short days later, leaving a business brunch in Santa Monica wearing IDENTICAL khaki trousers. Twinsies!

Coincidence? We think not! The laid-back couple—who started dating early in the summer of 2009—are so in love that they’ve started to mirror each other’s every move. How adorable is that?

In theory, pretty dang cute. But in reality, we seriously need to sit Renee down and talk about the state of her pants. What’s with those Crocodile Dundy trousers, lady?! We know you like to match you man, but you’re a WO-man. Hence, you should be dressing like a girl.

You certainly shouldn’t be borrowing your boy’s pants. That’s just weird. If you think we’re kidding—here’s the evidence to support our theory:

#1. These pics are from different days.
#2. The pants are baggy on her, but tighter on him.
#3. Yes, he’s taller than she is, but it looks like she’s rolled up the cuffs to fit.

OK, we’re done speculating, mostly because these two are such a great couple that we don’t care what they wear. As long as they’re happy, we’re all for it!

Have you ever been so in love, you start to match your significant other?


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