Brooke Mueller–What Happened to You & Charlie Isn't a Private Matter–It IS Our Business! Here's Why

Thu, December 31, 2009 1:50pm EST by 1 Comment

Brooke Mueller—stop minimizing what Charlie did to you.

Stop having your lawyer, Yale Galanter, tell the world that the alleged incidence of Charlie choking you and holding a knife to your throad is a “private matter!!”

Brooke–getting “allegedly” assaulted by your husband is not a private matter–it’s a crime! You and your lawyer are so 25 years ago. It used to be that there were husbands that routinely beat up their wives (unfortunately, there still are) and the authorities ALWAYS looked away. Domestic violence was always considered a private matter. Women had no recourse. They walked around black and blue, and they also got killed. Many still do.

Women’s groups fought hard to get “wife battering” taken seriously. Thank God that it is taken seriously now.

So Brooke, you may still love Charlie and may sincerely want to reconcile, get marital counseling and live happily ever after.

I wish you all the best. But that won’t happen if Charlie doesn’t “want” to change and doesn’t get serious anger management counseling AND stop drinking.

“This is NOT a private family matter—violence is everybody’s business, it’s against the law,” agrees Sheryl Cates, CEO of the National Domestic Violence Hotline. “If a couple wants to work on their relationship, safety is the first thing that has to happen.”

And Brooke, you have to be aware that violent incidents don’t usually happen just once. “We don’t see these as one-time episodes—these incidents happen over and over again,” explains Cates.

And finally Brooke—you don’t need to worry about not having enough money to raise your twin boys, no matter how ungenerous your pre-nup. The state of California will order Charlie—as the income earner—to pay child support whether he wants to or not, says LA family lawyer, Michael G. Dave.

Since he’s a VERY high income earner—you will be fine.

Your priority needs to be the safety of you and your kids. And that’s everybody’s business, too!

–Bonnie Fuller

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Posted at 3:06 PM on January 2, 2010  

I will have to eat my words to a Publicist.
The person once told me there is bias and racism in the media when it comes to repoting on celebrity stories, I said “Hogwash”

The Publicist told me to, look at the way a story is reported, look at the reporting person and/or station efforts to work the public up into a frenzy over the story, and look at the length of time they continue to report or mention the story instead, of allowing it to die down.

Tiger Woods was found to have cheated on his wife around Thanksgiving weekend, as of today, he is still in the news. They are making up so many stories on the guy just to destroy him for sleeping with other women.
No one in the media is concerned about his kids safety at the hands of a volitile mother, Elin, who has allegedly physically abused Tiger, as well as thrown objects in and around their house because she has an anger management problem.

Meanwhile, Charlie Sheen (whom I adore), can threaten his wife life with a weapon, and the media will let this die down without trying to destroy his life or bring in experts to call him a bucket of ????.
They are wondering if the kids are put in danger, ( I think not)
However, I am on his side when he said, she slapped him and he slapped her back. If a woman does not want a man to put his hands on her, she should not put her hands on him.
They say you should never put you hands on a woman, try telling that to a police officer after a woman slaps him.

The media has destroyed that little 19 yeatr old
Chris Brown who is young enough to get help and change but won’t be given a chance because of a biased or racist media. Anything he tries to do, the media will sully it
by bringing up Rhianna.

Meanwhile, a few years ago, (not Long) Diane Lane made a 911 call to the Police, because her husband Josh Brolin allegedly abused her, he was taken into custody but, you hear nothing about that story, the media killed it quick, no one followed up on it or told her to leave him. Biased or Racist, you decide.

I guess it’s OK, to threaten your wife with a weapon as long as you do not cheat on her.

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