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Tiger Woods: Astrologers Say You Can Run From the Press, But You Can't Hide!

Wed, December 30, 2009 7:50pm EDT by Add first Comment
Tiger Woods: Astrologers Say You Can Run From the Press, But You Can't Hide!

123009_tiger_horosope_spl117239_001 predicts that Tiger may try to spend some time off the grid in the coming year, but he won’t escape the spotlight just yet.

Tiger Woods, you have a big year coming up—you’ve announced that you are taking a break from golf in order to concentrate on spending time with your wife and kids, and you have remained in hiding since the Thanksgiving incident that tore your family apart. Does that mean we’re not going to hear about you for a while?

Not so fast, bub—astrologists at tell that we have definitely NOT heard the last of him!

“While he has chosen to take a professional breather because of the recent tumult, the cosmic weather isn’t giving him the break from public scrutiny he so desires.”

Uh oh, Tiger—sounds like there’s still MORE from your past that we haven’t heard about…yet!

Despite whatever skeletons still remain in his closet, and frankly at this point we can’t imagine what else is in there, Tiger needs some self-reflection time.

“Because most of his planets lie below the horizon in his chart, his best resources are reflection and introspection. The attention may not abate, but his choice to take a time-out and re-examine where he stands on a personal level is definitely in the stars this year.”

There’s hope for you yet though, Tiger! You were born driven, so there is a chance you can overcome all this turmoil: “For a Capricorn with a measured Virgo rising, he is built to achieve anything with discipline and commitment.”

Tiger—we hope that discipline and commitment is enough to save your family!

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