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Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller: Are You Putting Your Babies in Danger?

Wed, December 30, 2009 11:42am EDT by 1 Comment


Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller aren’t going to win any awards for Parents of the Year, that’s for sure!

But is their drinking and fighting really going to affect their nine-month old twins, Bob and Max? Can little ones little ones little ones like this really be hurt by parents caught up in their own enormous issues?

Hell yes! Of course they can! Now fortunately the Sheens can afford round-the-clock nannies so I’m sure their baby boys are being fed, bathed and put to bed. The physical basics are being taken care of…for now.

But is a mother with alcohol issues really able to ever focus on her babies? Is she going to safely hold them? Think about what’s best for them? Or is she totally focused on where her next drink is coming from?

Alcoholics are notorious narcissists — in other words, they think mainly about themselves!”You can’t be as attentive if you are intoxicated or hung over, ” agrees Adron Harris, director of the Waggoner Center for Alcohol and Addiction Research at the University of Texas. ” Normally alcoholic mothers are uninterested , suffer from withdrawal or have violent outbursts.”

And how about a violence-prone dad like Charlie? Is a man who admittedly slaps his wife or allegedly holds a knife to her throat, safe around defenseless nine-month olds?

Plus, if parents are arguing for hours that intensely, as supposedly happened at the Sheen’s Aspen house on Christmas morning, who’s paying any attention to the babies at all.

“In these very early months, this is the time children should be bonding with their mother and father. Screaming and fighting is not healthy— it doesn’t give them the proper emotional template,” agrees clinical psychologist, Dr. Jeff Gardere, who specializes in family therapy. “And as the kids get older, if the fighting continues, it’s been proven that there’s a link between experiencing and viewing domestic violence and then repeating the same behaviors,” says Dr. Gardere.

Plus, says Gardere, “The Children who grow up in households where there is domestic violence, often suffer from depression, anxiety, anger and do poorly in school.”

Whew! It’s not a pretty picture!

In fact, it’s a sad, sad situation. Charlie Sheen is the highest paid TV actor in the world for his work on Two and a Half Men — $825,000 an episode — but all his money isn’t going to make up for the poverty of attention and loving parental care being experienced by little Bob and Max Sheen!

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