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Shame on You Kevin Jonas for Selling Your Wedding Photos and Not Sharing One For Free!

Tue, December 29, 2009 5:41pm EDT by 2 Comments


I’m wagging my finger at you Kevin Jonas for being a sell-out!

You of all people have no business turning your wedding into a business. By that I mean, giving all your wedding photos to one media outlet—exclusively.

I don’t fault People magazine for doing whatever it took to get your photos with your bride, Danielle Deleasa, on their cover. That’s their job—to try and get exclusives.

I fault you, Kevin! You are a huge star. And not just a regular huge star—but a HUGE teen star! You and your brothers are adored by multi-millions of teen girls around the world. You’ve sold over 8 million albums and most of those buyers have been under 20 years old.

I believe that when you have such an enormous fan base and are such a HUGELY popular star—you have an obligation to share with those fans.
That means giving a free, non-exclusive handout photo to the world’s media, so all your fans can share in your Big Day—not just those people who buy one magazine. Especially one that doesn’t even focus its content on your fans.

Kevin—I also want to be clear that I place the blame on you, not Danielle. After all your experience in the public eye—you are media savvy—not your new wife.
You should have been a fan-friendly class act like Ivanka Trump, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Ellen DeGeneres, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, and Julia Roberts to name a few—who all released wedding photos non-exclusively for all their fans to see.

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