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OMG: Khloe Kardashian Pee's On A Stick & TMI: Kim Straddles Reggie In Front Of Her Parents!

Mon, December 28, 2009 7:01pm EDT by Chloe Melas Add first Comment


Get ready HL’ers for a weekly run down from Katrina and Chloe!

Each week the Kardashian clan has us doing one of two things: keeling over laughing at Khloe‘s ridiculous comments, or wide eyed and shocked with Kim‘s outrageous behavior. It’s either a TMI moment or a total OMG can’t believe she just said that instance. The incredibly loyal viewers of the dash crew now have a voice, and that’s through TMI time with Chloe and OMG with Katrina.

So here we are to break down the obsession that is Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 4. Last nights Dec. 27 episode is definitely one for talking about:

Khloe, Kourtney and Kris you went to lunch and had a way too personal convo about the s word… SEX! Khloe, you told Kris that when you lived with your big sis Kourtney you used to be able to hear Kourtney and Scott Disick (her baby daddy) gettin frisky. You even admitted that you were the couple’s sex cheerleader and would scream along with Kourtney! We’re with Kris who said, “Khloe, I’ve raised a pervert!”

Kim, I’m soo happy you and Reggie got back together, but that doesn’t mean you have to straddle him in front of your family! It was so nice seeing you guys sit down together for dinner with the whole Kardashian clan but it seemed SO awkward when you took him in to the next room for some PDA– (if you’re dying for the details, there was some kissing and Kim whipped her hair around in Reggie’s face a few times). Kim’s hair whip seemed strange at first, but then I concluded that this must be one of “Kim’s moves” that Reggie really missed when they were on the outs (when I say “on the outs” I’m referring to the times in past episodes when Kim was moping around (with a full face of makeup, of course!) and sulking in front of her sisters). Now that they’re back together, I’m wondering how long it will take Kim to re-position her couple pictures on her fridge– after all, she took them down in one of the more dramatic scenes two episodes ago!

Okay Khloe, we get it — you want to have a baby, but you don’t have to pee on a stick in front of millions of people to make your point! You walked around saying how nauseous you were and even gagged yourself over a toilet at your cupcake photo shoot. I feel horrible you ended up not being preggers but next time maybe keep it under wraps a little longer.

Kim, saying you have a tendency to tell “little white lies” is an understatement– in reality, you’re a HUGE liar! Okay, I have a tendency to run late from time to time and I do occasionally “fib” about how far away I am, so I can relate. But come on now Kim, I would NEVER leave my mom and sister waiting in a restaurant while I got a manicure! And even if I did saunter in twenty minutes late after a fresh polish (which I wouldn’t, I swear!) I wouldn’t ask my mom to unfold my napkin to protect my nails from smudging!

We’ll be here every week to give you our side of the Kardashian dramz