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Charlie Sheen, You Have A History Of Troubled & Violent Relationships

Mon, December 28, 2009 9:40am EDT by 4 Comments


Charlie Sheen, will you ever get it together?  It seems that in your failed relationships, it’s almost always the women who get blamed.  At this point, drinking, violence, and police reports seem like a pattern in your life.

  • In 1990, Charlie was dating Kelly Preston, and reports surfaced that she was shot.  Charlie told Playboy in 2001, it “was a complete accident. I wasn’t even in the room. She picked up a pair of my pants … A little revolver fell out of my back pocket, hit the bathroom floor and went off. It shot a hole through the toilet and she got hit in the leg with shrapnel.”  But Kelly did give back the 2.5 carat pink diamond engagement ring Charlie gave her, and married John Travolta in 1991.
  • Then, in 1996, Charlie dated adult film actress Brittany Ashland, who accused Charlie of attacking her in his San Fernando Valley Home. She accused Charlie of throwing her on the floor and splitting her lip. Brittany took him to court in June of 1997, when Charlie plead no contest to battery charges, and a judge fined him $2,800.
  • There was Charlie’s infamous divorce from mega actress Denise Richards.  The duo split in 2006, and a court issued a restraining order against him when Denise claimed Charlie threatened to kill her. “I am filing now because I can no longer accept (Sheen’s) abusive and threatening manner and must stop him from the cycle of his abuse toward me and our children,” Richards claimed in divorce papers.
  • And now, of course Charlie Sheen is back in the same boat with socialite wife Brooke Mueller.  The two were married May 30, 2008, and have two 9-month-old twins boys, Max and Bob.  On Dec. 24, Charlie and Brooke supposedly went to dinner with a group of friends in Aspen, Colorado, where both were allegedly drinking.  The next morning, Brooke called police and claimed Charlie held a knife to her throat — he was arrested on Dec. 25 on charges of second degree assault, menacing, and criminal mischief. Charlie said he was “acting in self-defense.”
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  • Now Brooke is retracting her statements, but police are not dropping their investigation. However this case turns out, it’s obvious Charlie has a history of violent relationships with is women! —Corynne Steindler