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Hey Charlie Sheen — Our Expert Has A Few Tips For Cleaning Up Your Image!

Sun, December 27, 2009 1:03pm EDT by 1 Comment


The damage is done. Now it’s time to get some control!

Charlie Sheen‘s Dec. 25 arrest isn’t just a legal or family issue — it’s also a PR nightmare! “He’s going to lose a lot of money,” image expert Michael Sands tells “He’s going to lose easily $1 million.” Sands says the first step to fixing 44-year-old Charlie’s image is personally admitting the whole truth behind the situation. Until then, he says things will only get worse for Charlie. “He needs to bite the bullet. … If he wants to draw this out, he’s got a major problem.”

“I’d get rid of the case as soon as I could,” Sands tells us. “I would start going to 12 step programs publicly. He needs to get into a battered woman’s shelter and work there and learn about domestic violence. I think he needs to go into classes. He needs to let it be known publicly.”

Sands is referring to Charlie’s history of domestic violence. While this incident with wife Brooke Mueller, 32, is the most recent instance, it’s certainly not the first. Two other examples include ex-wife Denise Richards accusing Charlie of threatening to kill her, as well as former girlfriend Brittany Ashland taking Charlie to court for allegedly throwing her to the floor and cutting her lip.

Sands suggests Charlie take full responsibility in the matter. “Plead guilty,” he says. “Plead no contest. Get rid of this immediately and go get it off the front pages. Your part is an equal part.”

“He’s done a lot to clean his name up and look what he’s done now,” Sands says. “Once you hit the newspapers, all the sponsorships that were coming up, they are not going to touch him,” he says. “His [Hanes] commercial is fantastic. I don’t think he should be punished, but we’ll see.”

Check out two of Charlie’s ads for Hanes, featuring Michael Jordan:

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