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Tips On Preventing The Holiday Hangover From “The Hangover” Stars!

Fri, December 25, 2009 3:00pm EDT by 2 Comments


If remaining hangover-free after a big holiday party is on your Christmas wish list, take down these tips from the…er…experts

Although ’tis the season for celebration (and we know a good fete involves eggnog and champagne), a miserable feeling can follow the day after partying a little too hard. So we chatted to a few stars in Las Vegas about how to keep the day-after hurt far away and the favorite drinks that potentially could put them in a bad (but good) place.

We recommend you don’t try Justin Bartha‘s beverage of choice. “I’m probably just going to drink 100 percent pure rubbing alcohol. Only rubbing alcohol,” the star told exclusively at The Hangover DVD launch party Dec. 10 in Las Vegas.

How does he manage to avoid a hangover if he’s drinking rubbing alcohol? “I’ll just do little thimble shots,” Justin answered. Hmm … Don’t try that at home!

Actress Rachael Harris and comedian Carrot Top each got very specific with their go-to drinks and individual techniques:

Rachael’s fave holiday beverage:

“I really love champagne. I’m usually a champagne girl,” she explained. She then remembered an old favorite, quickly adding, “Or tequila.” Her preventative tip for consuming her poisons of choice: “I always do the rule of for every drink I have that’s alcoholic, I have a glass of water. And I make sure I have food in my tummy,” she said.

Carrot Top keeps it simple. “I think it’s always pretty much the same for me: Crown Royal, no matter any holiday. Just a little Crown on the rocks,” he told us. His next-day tip? Hair of the dog! “You just drink more Crown when the hangover’s really intense,” he said with complete seriousness. “You know what’s really good? Eggnog when you’re really drunk. It’s a nice coater.”

What’s your go-to holiday beverage? Do you have any tried and true tricks to avoid hangovers?

–Kirstin Benson