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Brangelina: Why Are You Dressing Shiloh Like a Tough Guy? Bonnie Wants to Know!

Thu, December 24, 2009 9:00am EDT by 3 Comments


Would you dress your three-year-old daughter in boy clothes all the time?

And I mean … ALL the time. Just wondering because that’s what Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie do to little Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. Their beautiful, blonde daughter has always appeared in public in somber colors — black, dark green, grey and navy and recently in full-on guy gear.

The little one was even decked out in a dark tee, pants, and (just like daddy) a fedora. In a previous public appearance, she looked like “GI Peter Pan” in camouflage pants, a vest, a sword and (once again) her fedora.

Then, just days ago, on a family outing, “Shi” — as her parents call her — was bundled up in a skull and cross bones hat! And that’s not the first time Shiloh’s been a skull-wearer! She actually began that as an infant!

What she never began (or what her parents never began) was any attempt to introduce pink into her wardrobe. Shiloh’s never even been spotted in the color most little girls love to wear.

But it’s not like Brad and Ange just have an aversion to the color in general. Older sister Zahara’s been seen in girl pink and girly dresses all the time. Maddox and Pax they stick to typical boy basics. Only Shiloh gets the other-gender treatment.

Hmm! So what do you think is going on? Since Brangelina started boy-dressing Shiloh as a baby (check out our gallery of pics) it can’t be that. Though some little girls naturally gravitated towards boy clothes, it doesn’t seem like Shiloh originated the behavior.

Brad apparently told Oprah recently that Shiloh only wants to be called “John.” He said, “It’s a Peter Pan thing,” explaining that she will insist “John. I’m John.”

Could it be that Angelina, who favors black everything, somehow feels that she’s dressing her bio-daughter in her own image?

The thing is that most little girls at age three do like girly things, even if they have older brothers, like Shiloh has … at least that’s my experience, as a mom of four, two of them being daughters.

And are skull and crossbones, which represent “danger,” really lovely things to plaster over your little darlings?

I’m all for individual expression for kids—but Brangelina, why are you letting Shiloh express her inner thug? If they’re such rebels at a young age, how will they be when they’re 16?  —Bonnie Fuller

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