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Are You Alone This Holiday Like Kate Hudson, Elin Nordegren & Kate Gosselin? Don't Stress!

Thu, December 24, 2009 3:00pm EDT by 1 Comment


It’s not easy to be alone on the holidays — but it’s even harder if you’ve recently been dumped! Since November, Kate Hudson, Elin Nordegren, and Kate Gosselin have each been rendered single. What a total bummer!  But our relationship experts have some advice for these ladies — and for any of you girlfriends who find yourselves in the same boat!

Relationship expert Maryanne Comaroto advises anyone who has recently been through a break-up, “Try doing something wonderful for someone less fortunate than yourself.  Volunteer time or money.  It makes you feel good and gives you some perspective on your situation.”  Try to do what Kate Gosselin (whose divorce from Jon Gosselin was just finalized) does, and participate in a toy drive, or visit to the Children’s Hospital.

And if you’re someone like Elin, whose break-up from Tiger Woods is so new and fresh, Maryanne says, “Keep people who love you and won’t judge you very close.  And don’t go to places you used to frequent with your ex, or listen to sad songs … it will only make you feel worse.”

Psychotherapist and author of “Don’t Call That Man” suggests doing what Kate Hudson does: “Go to all the parties you can handle!”  Kate and A-Rod broke up on Dec. 15, and she’s not only hitting parties, she’s throwing them!  “Women who go out and meet new people have a much better chance of meeting someone new.”

The most important rule for getting through the holidays, though?  “Avoid alcohol and don’t contact your ex.”  Meaning, no drunk dialing the guy who broke your heart … got it ladies?