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Why Was Tiger's Wife Elin The Last to Know?

Wed, December 23, 2009 5:26pm EDT by 4 Comments


Tiger’s friends knew about his mistresses and even the golfing world were aware, but Elin was left in the dark and completely clueless, or so it seems.

If you knew someone was cheating, would you run to that person’s significant other and dish about their dirty little secret?

Apparently those in Tiger Woods‘ circle wouldn’t (and didn’t). According to several reports, the golfer’s wife, Elin Nordegren, found out about the affairs when the rest of the world did too — despite the fact that many around Tiger knew about his wandering eye. Why didn’t they say anything to her?

“The wife position is one that is very much respected, revered and almost feared in a way,” relationship expert Matt Titus tells “When people are put in a situation where they know something that will make the wife upset, they’re very apprehensive. There’s a huge guilt to comes along with knowing [secret] information.”

Deep down inside, “we all have a moral obligation to help someone who’s being cheated on,” adds Titus, author of Why Hasn’t He Called. “But it’s an internal conflict because you don’t want to get involved in someone else’s business and situation.”

Regardless of whether or not Tiger’s friends were trying to protect him, people generally are “terrified of being the bearer of bad news.” Plus, there’s always the fear of how they’ll respond. Imagine if you told your BFF about her cheating boyfriend — chances are she’d be in denial and get upset with YOU for trying to stir something up!