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Exclusive! Brittany Murphy's Neighbor: “Her Mom And Simon Were Her World!”

Wed, December 23, 2009 8:45am EDT by 1 Comment
Getty Images

Getty Images

Brittany Murphy’s next door neighbor offers you a glimpse into the starlet’s private – and seemingly happy – home life

Despite speculation about their peculiar relationship, Claire Staples, who has lived next door to Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack for the past two and a half years, tells Dec. 22 that the couple was head over heels for each other.

“They were lovely and genuinely adoring of each other,” she tells us exclusively of the last time she saw the couple together – a mere two weeks ago – before the actresses’ unexpected death on Dec. 20.

“He was always a gentleman, driving her here and there. You know she didn’t drive,” Claire explains. “I never saw them conduct themselves any other way but sweetly and kind. He doted on her. Her mother definitely doted on her. Her mom and Simon were her world.”

Unlike other neighbors who sometimes get a little too rowdy for her liking, Claire says Brittany and her family were always respectful. “They couldn’t have been nicer people,” she raves. “They were just pleasant and sweet. She was very down to earth for someone in Hollywood. Family was a big deal for her.”

It is rumored Brittany died from complications stemming from anorexia, but Claire doesn’t think those claims hold any merit. “She was petite and tiny. I think that was just her frame,” she tells us.

Just as those closest to Brittany have told us, Claire couldn’t help but notice the actress’ bubbly demeanor and positive attitude. “She would play with my dogs and give them love. She was sweet, we’d chat briefly but she would always wave and…she was the smiliest, sweetest person I’d ever met.”

Funny, we’ve always felt the same way when we watched the adorably clueless actress on the big screen.

—Reporting by Wynter Mitchell

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