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Be Careful Young Hollywood! Lindsay Lohan, Amy Winehouse & Mischa Barton: We Don't Want You To End Up Like Brittany Murphy

Wed, December 23, 2009 1:29pm EDT by Add first Comment


Nobody expected that happy, bubbly actress Brittany Murphy was headed down a path that would lead to her sudden and tragic death.  And while the toxicology reports are not yet in, and we won’t know what really happened to Brittany until they are, it’s safe to say she was on a troubled path.

Brittany was looking strikingly thin in the months leading up to her death, her career was in a rut, and she had all but abandoned her former friends for an intense relationship with her husband Simon Monjack.  But we lost Brittany at only 32-years-old  — and it’s almost impossible to not think of other troubled young starlets like Amy Winehouse, Lindsay Lohan, and Mischa Barton.  

All three of these girls have been hospitalized, sent to rehab, found with drugs, and arrested.  Are they all in the same type of danger Brittany was in?

Loren Seaman, theoutreach co-ordinate for The Orchid Recover Center For Women tells, “Addicts need consequences.  But [the problem] when dealing with very wealthy or famous people is that there’s not much you can take away from them. With [most] younger women, a family might stop paying her bills or supporting her when she uses [drugs or alcohol].”  But when it comes to the rich and famous starlets of Hollywood, “there is no bad carrot … no consequences to their addcition,” says Seaman.

And it’s a bumpy road for starlets — like Amy, Lindsay, and Mischa — who have struggled to reach the level of fame they had earlier in their careers.  “Who knows what has happened in Brittany’s life?” Seaman asks.  “She was famous early on, and everybody cared about who she was on the outside.  That can effect someone’s self esteem.  If you lose your looks, and you lose your money, and that’s how people recognize you ….  if that’s gone, what do you have left?” 

Tina DePaolis, the Clinical Director for The Orchid Recovery Center for Women adds, “The addiction to perscription drugs is increasing” amongst young women. And while none of the starlets mentioned above have been linked to presciprtion drug abuse, “many of these drugs are often used to hide the effects of other [harder] drugs.”

Girls! Please take what happened to Brittany as a cautionary tale.  You are not invincible, and your actions can have serious consequences!  DePaolis points out, “Like we see, some people can die by accident in their 20’s and 30’s.”


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