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Closing in... Tells You How to Get Your Friend Back When They're Consumed with a Guy

Tue, December 22, 2009 10:00pm EDT by 2 Comments


If you think your pal is getting too wrapped up in her relationship, like Brittany Murphy did with Simon Monjack, here’s how to set her free!

If you’ve ever noticed a good girl friend going down a bad path by alienating everyone around her, like Brittany Murphy may have done, then please, act now! Nip it in the bud! Our expert, psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman, M.D., fills us in on how to help your bestie break free.

“Brittany Murphy’s tragic death is a reminder of what can happen, and too often does, when a bad boy ostracizes a woman from her friends,” says Dr. Lieberman, who notes, “All one has to do is trace photos and interviews of Brittany throughout the past years to see how she became a shadow of her former vivacious, adorable self and changed into an emaciated, depressed, broken woman. She reportedly even had a ‘pharmacy’ of prescription medications and had complained of physical symptoms for over a week, yet her husband seemingly did nothing to get her medical attention that could have saved her life.”

Bottom line, ladies: don’t let your friend alienate you. She may not know it, but she needs you more than she can say.

Here are some tips from Dr. Lieberman on how to help save your friend from a controlling boyfriend:

1. Be aware of the signs. “If your friend’s boyfriend or husband wants to keep her all to himself, it should raise a giant red flag as to what he’s trying to hide.”
2. Don’t take ‘no’ for an answer. “Possessiveness may be confused with love during the honeymoon phase, but if it continues past the first few months don’t accept “no” for an answer when you try to set up lunch dates.”
3. Be flexible with your schedule, even if it IS annoying. “Counter all of her excuses by being flexible as to where and when you’d be happy to meet her. If she still refuses to commit, make a surprise visit to her home.”
4. Get her alone, and away from him! “You’ve got to get her alone somewhere. Once you’re face to face, tell her how worried you are about her because she doesn’t seem like her old happy self, how she doesn’t look healthy, and so on.”
5. Be brave and voice your concerns. “Ask her why her boyfriend/husband has isolated her from her friends and tell her that this isn’t love but control. She may not open up at your first few attempts, but if she sees that you are not going to give up on her, she will eventually start to cry and tell you what she’s scared of.”
6. Be careful! “Try not to let the man know that you are keeping tabs on your friend or he’ll take more precautions to keep her intimidated and locked up.”
7. Make the experts aware of her problem. “If you know who her doctors are tell them that you are concerned about her. They cannot give you any information because of confidentiality, but they can and should listen to your concerns.”
8. Yup, that nasty old intervention may be necessary. “Gather her friends and family and do an ‘intervention’ where you all sit in front of her house and refuse to leave until she comes out to talk with you.”


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