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Why Does Sienna Miller Keep Making the Same Love Mistakes?

Mon, December 21, 2009 10:30pm EDT by 1 Comment

Sienna, you should really know by now that Jude Law isn’t going to change!

Sienna Miller, you have so been there, done that with Jude Law. So why are you going back and doing it all over again? Do you think this time he will be different?

You were ENGAGED to Jude in 2006 when he cheated on you with his nanny, Daisy Wright. ENGAGED, Sienna. That’s a pretty big deal. And we know that you were on foreign territory while doing your Broadway play, After Miss Julie, for the past few months, and Jude was close and convenient. But now we’re hearing that you two are really making a go of things again. You’re even reportedly spending Christmas together in the Bahamas!

Why do you do this to yourself, Sienna? Our relationship expert, Matt Titus, weighs in.

“Sienna Miller has major self-esteem issues,” says Matt, author of Why Hasn’t He Called Yet? “She inherently does not believe that she deserves a man of her own, or a healthy, drama-free relationship. She self-sabotages herself into believing that she could never be successful in a normal, balanced relationship.” He adds, “She puts herself into romantic situations that are destined to fail. She’s dated a married man [Balthazar Getty] and is attempting to reconcile with a proven Lothario [Jude]. When her relationships end, she has some ridiculous rationale as to why they didn’t work out.”

And although Sienna now has one affair under her belt, Matt is confident that Jude is never going to see her as a temptress, and their second attempt at a relationship won’t work out.

“As a man, relationship and ex-player, I can speak for Jude by saying, ‘Sienna, no matter what bad girl persona or dark temptress act you try to play, you will always be Jude’s innocent, vanilla girl-next-door that he will eventually cheat on,” says Matt.

See, Sienna? Jump ship while you still have you dignity intact. Who wants a man that throws fruit at schoolchildren anyway?

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