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Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian Took Another Piece of Your Fame! Your Former BFF Now Has Your Carl's Jr. Ad!

Mon, December 21, 2009 1:53pm EDT by 4 Comments


It wasn’t enough that Kim Kardashian took Paris Hilton‘s reality show fame, makes more money than her, and one-upped her with a sex tape — now Kim has taken Paris’ Carl’s Jr. Ad, too!

Paris recently complained that Kim was stealing her fame, and making more money than she did for club appearances and advertisements.  And now Kim is even making $10,000 every time she tweets an ad for Carl’s Jr.  Sorry, Paris, Twitter wasn’t even invented when you were super famous! 

Kim even takes a shot at Paris’ burger shilling, saying that she is taking the higher road by advertising for salads and not unhealthy patties. “I’m always down for a burger, I love them and I eat them,” Kim says. “But this is the first commercial they’ve ever done for anything but a burger. The salads are healthy, and it totally fits what I’m about right now.”

Is there anything Paris can do that Kim K can’t do better? —Corynne Steindler

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