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Don't Try This At Home! Jessica Simpson Experiments With Ear Candling

Mon, December 21, 2009 9:07pm EDT by 1 Comment

Jessica, are you sure you know exactly what you’re doing?

Have you ever tried to get your ear wax out … by using candle wax? That’s exactly what Jessica “Is Chicken of the Sea Actually Chicken?” Simpson did when she experimented with ear candling, a controversial procedure that’s supposed to clear out your ear canals. Not only did Jess document her ear canal journey on tape, but she did it to herself — a definite no-no!

Leaning her head on a table, Jess placed the burning candle — a Christmas gift from BFF and hairstylist Ken Paves — straight in one ear. She looks utterly miserable but also sounds like she’s in some major pain.  “Ahhhhhhh! I felt it blow off! Did the light go out?! Aaaaaaah! … It makes me nauseous … Whoa … Oh my God, what’s it doing?!” she asks Ken, who’s filming her and explains that the candle is sucking up all the wax that’s been built up in her ears for years.

Jess, we’re glad to see you trying to improve her health (they say it boosts your well-being) in the TwitVid posted Dec. 20, but you might want to get professional help. We heard the safest way to ear candle is to have a TRAINED practitioner do the procedure for you!

Again, we reiterate, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

Do you think Jess is A) crazy for trying this without a professional or B) cray for trying this at all?

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