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Exclusive: Kate Major Fears Divorce Could Drive Jon ‘Off The Edge!’

Sat, December 19, 2009 12:26pm EDT by Add first Comment

Jon Gosselin, how are you feeling post-divorce?

Christmas may have come early for Kate Gosselin but looks like Jon Gosselin‘s holiday season is off to a rough start!

The father of eight found out over the phone that he was officially no longer a married man and that Kate won primary custody of their eight kids. On top of that, Kate won’t have to pay him a dime and he’ll be kicked to the curb since she gets to stay in their Pennsylvania home.

“I feel sorry about the situation but Jon’s finally facing reality,” his ex, Kate Major, tells “I fear he could go off the edge. He’s a very emotional and unstable person.”

Even though she knows Jon’s going through some difficult times, Kate says this is all karma that’s finally catching up to him.

“He totally screwed over people that were there for him and it’s just very unfortunate,” Kate, a former Star reporter who got close with Jon during the summer, says.

In addition to losing people who once supported him, Jon’s cash is also disappearing just as quickly. Since previous court orders stated he couldn’t do any paid public appearances, “Jon needs to get a job but I don’t think he’s in good mind to even do that and he really has nothing left,” says Kate.

Jon, since Kate G. doesn’t have to pay you any spousal support, what exactly are you going to do?

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