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Would You Want To One-Up Your Ex's Ex? Look What Madonna Did To Kate Hudson!

Thu, December 17, 2009 2:30pm EDT by Chloe Melas 3 Comments


Why exactly do you think Madonna went to Kate Hudson’s premiere?

Does anyone think it’s a little odd that Madonna showed up on Kate Hudson‘s red carpet at the premiere of Nine on Dec. 15?  After all, they did both date the same guy — Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez. Madonna was first linked to A-Rod in July of 2008, but then Kate hooked up with him less than a year later!

So, did Madonna, 51, want to catch a glimpse of the recently broken-hearted Kate, 30? Or is she just a big fan of musicals?  Our experts are convinced — Her Madgesty showed up to Kate’s big night for the sole purpose of reminding everyone: A-Rod was mine first!!

“Madonna is a woman who does everything deliberately,” says relationship expert Cooper Lawrence.  “She does nothing by accident, and there is a message in everything she does.”  And Madonna’s message was, “Kate, don’t forget: you may have dated him, but I already had him,” says author of “The Man Plan” Whitney Casey.

“This was an alpha female throw down,” Casey says.  “Madonna is the star no matter what, and this was a big ‘in-your-face’ move.”

And while Kate stuck close to her mom, Goldie Hawn at the after-party at M2 Ultralounge later that night, Madonna showed off by mingling with her powerful society gal pal Jessica Seinfeld. Our sources insist, “Madge and Kate never spoke once.”

As for me, I think every girl who’s been the ex knows exactly what Madge was thinking when she showed up on that red carpet: “Look hot and twist that knife!”

So, do you feel sorry for Kate? Would you do what Madonna did?


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