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Tiger Woods, Your Father's Infidelity Is No Excuse for You to Cheat Too!

Thu, December 17, 2009 10:09am EDT by 2 Comments


Just because your father reportedly cheated in his marriage doesn’t mean you have to follow in his footsteps … if anything you should have learn from his mistakes!

Tiger Woods‘ two kids, Sam, 2, and Charlie, 10 months, are too young to realize that their dad is a cheater, but according to a new report, Tiger himself wasn’t so lucky. As a teenager, when he he discovered his father, Earl, was having an affair, Tiger cried and was “so upset,” his high-school girlfriend, Dina Parr, told E! News.

So why would Tiger repeat the behavior he so despised?

“We often times tend to repeat the sins of our parents if we don’t do a lot of work on ourselves,” family therapist Dr. Jenn Berman tells Knowing a parent cheated “makes you more vulnerable because the doors have been open, especially since you’ve seen that behavior by someone who you respect and admire.”

But Berman says there isn’t a specific correlation between a child finding out that mom or dad was having an affair and doing the exact same thing later on in their own relationship.

“Even when you know [an affair] can cause your family pain, sometimes you just don’t have the ability to fight those impulses,” says Berman.

Another expert, Dr. Tracey Stulberg, couldn’t agree more. “If you thought about the pain you felt in that similar situation, you probably wouldn’t do it. Cheating isn’t something that most people contemplate. They just act on it and aren’t thinking,” Stulberg, the director of the Birmingham Family Therapy Clinic, Inc. in Michigan, says.

Tiger, we’re hoping you resolve your marriage problems with Elin and Elin alone. Please leave the kids out of your mess so they don’t get caught in a similar situation like you did!

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