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UPDATE! Judge Throws the Book at Jon Gosselin for Shooting His Gun Off!

Thu, December 17, 2009 5:46pm EDT by Add first Comment


Really, Jon? Did you actually think this was safe to do around your children?

UPDATE! Jon Gosselin has been prohibited from shooting a gun on his property as of today, Dec. 17, reports TMZ.

Jon, come on, we can’t believe you guys (cough-Tiger-cough) have absolutely no common sense! You were out on your property Dec. 16 in Reading, Penn. holding and aiming a gun. Seriously? You’re the father of eight young kids, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you this is obviously NOT a safe activity to do around them.

We’re not shocked, though! This isn’t the first time you’ve sacrificed your children’s well-being. You also went out joy-riding in September on an ATV around your house—and lest we forget—you cheated on your kids’ mom, totally breaking up the family. You’re a class act, Jon.

After we heard how the divorce settlement’s going for you (not well), we started to understand why you’d behave so stupidly. Apparently, Kate‘s ecstatic with the results, which we’re guessing means you’re going to be pretty darn unhappy in the very near future.

“She couldn’t be happier,” a source told of the divorce settlement proceedings. “Kate is thrilled.”

We won’t find out exactly what the settlement entails until Dec. 21, but from the sounds of it, it sucks to be you, Jon Gosselin.

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