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Demi Moore’s Twitter Frenemies Tell the Actress She Looks Old!

Thu, December 17, 2009 3:15pm EDT by Add first Comment


How would you feel if someone made a derogatory comment about YOUR appearance? As one would expect, Demi feels just as bad as you would!

In our minds, Demi Moore defies aging gravity! The 47-year-old looks almost 20 years younger than she really is, which is why we (and she) were shocked to read super harsh ageist comments from her faithful Twitter followers. After Demi posted pictures from her Harper’s Bazaar shoot on Dec. 15 in Santa Monica and Twitpics taken with a Webcam.

When one rude tweeter wrote, “sorry but you look old. Specially your neck & cheecks at the second shot,” Demi was quick to respond.

“I’m 47 how am I supposed to look?” she demanded.

She similarly brushed off another lame criticism, responding to a post that said, “sorry demi that your self esteem is so low you can’t admit to a little Photoshopping. And Ghost sucked” with a simple, “Thank you.”

Wow, you guys, didn’t your mom ever tell you if you didn’t have something nice to say, don’t say it all?

We think Demi’s responses were remarkably nice and mature. We wouldn’t have been so polite if someone insulted us that way! How would you have handled the situation?

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