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Tiger Woods, How Exactly Did You Juggle 15 Women — and Where Did You Find the Time?!

Wed, December 16, 2009 10:00am EDT by 1 Comment


If you think having a family, a busy golf career, competing in tournaments year round and running his own foundation would tie Tiger Woods down, you’ve underestimated the golf pro’s time management skills.

Tiger Woods allegedly got away with FIFTEEN affairs in the span of five years. How exactly did he do it and what do his plentiful infidelities say about the man he really is?

“Clearly this is someone who has narcissistic and sociopathic traits,” Dr. Dennis Lin, a sex expert and psychotherapist, tells “He doesn’t think rules apply to him and to be able to lie to his wife and public — he was promoting himself as a family man — he was lying. People who are able to do this often don’t have a sense of shame or guilt.”

Lin makes it clear that it’s hard to give a proper assessment of Tiger without talking to the golf pro directly, but based on the reports and allegations, “I would not rule out he may have an addictive personality,” he says of the dozen plus alleged mistresses. “There’s obviously little sense of remorse. If he did this once or twice than you can say it was a momentary slip and he could have felt bad about it but the repetitive nature of the affairs shows something else.”

Why would Tiger, someone who has so much on the line (his marriage, family, endorsements and public image) risk everything by conducting these affairs?

“Sometimes people who succeed in life early on tend to do things to destroy it, but not intentionally,” Lin, who’s also an assistant professor of psychiatry at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, explains. “Because of their upbringing and unresolved psychological traits, they sometimes think they’re not deserving of all their success so they find themselves in situations where they’re very likely to get caught and ruin that success.”

But Tiger, please don’t use this as an excuse! Remember there are plenty of other athletes out there who face the same temptation but don’t act on it … times 15!

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