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Thanks to Taylor Lautner, Werewolves Are Making a Comeback!

Mon, December 14, 2009 11:55am EDT by Add first Comment


MTV is re-making the teen classic Teen Wolf. Will you watch?

After years of vampire oppression, the werewolves are reclaiming their title as most popular onscreen supernatural creatures. Now that Taylor Lautner has single-handedly made the hairy beasts sexy again as Twilight’s teen were Jacob Black, MTV is jumping on the bandwagon to remake the 1985 classic Teen Wolf.

For those of you who don’t remember this kitschy flick, the story centers around high-school student Scott McCall (played by Michael J. Fox) who discovers his otherwordly powers out of the blue, including the pretty killer ability to attract girls after attacking. (Pheromones, who can live without ‘em?)

But who is capable of filling Michael’s Converse high tops? Ladies, we present the adorable (and legal!) Tyler Posey, whom you might recognize from Lincoln Heights and Brothers & Sisters. We’re super jealous of his lucky leading lady, newcomer Crystal Reed.

Congratulations, Team Jacob! Even if it’s only a TV movie, you’ve successfully growled loud enough to make some progress in bringing weres back to the bigscreen. Just so long as Tyler looks as good as Taylor shirtless, we’re fully onboard!

Did you see the original flick? Most importantly, will you watch a remake?

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