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Tiger Woods' Caddie Admits: “Tiger Has Got A Problem”

Sun, December 13, 2009 10:44am EDT by 3 Comments


Do you believe Tiger’s caddie didn’t know about his affairs?

In an intriguing new interview, Tiger Woods‘ caddie Steve Williams is finally speaking about the scandal — and he wants to make it clear he knew nothing about it! “Obviously, I understand Tiger has got a problem,” he tells New Zealand’s Sunday News. “What people fail to realize is I [just] work for Tiger Woods. … When he is not competing, I am back in New Zealand. I have no knowledge of what he is doing.”

Williams says the media frenzy surrounding the scandal has affected his own family life more than people know, and he was especially irked that ESPN columnist Rick Reilly blatantly suggested that Williams was helping Tiger cover up his indiscretions.

“[Woods] needs to clean house,” Reilly said in one column. “If he wants to keep his wife, he has to get a new agent, a new caddie and some new friends. … It’s hard to believe all this went on without their help or knowledge. … How can [Elin] see them as anything but enablers?”

Williams refutes this claim completely. “I had no knowledge of what Tiger’s indiscretion was,” he says. “And for Rick Reilly to turn around and say that I am a liar and there is no way I couldn’t know — and that I should be fired — that is sensational journalism at its height right there.”

Although Williams doesn’t know when Tiger will decide to return to golf after his current hiatus, he trusts that Tiger will know when the time is right.

“He will have the right people counselling him,” Williams says, “and between the people that counsel him, his wife and his immediate friends, when he is ready to come back he will be ready to come back.”

And it sounds like Williams will be a loyal friend to Tiger, even to the bitter end.

“I have always stated that my last caddie job will be caddying for Tiger,” he says. “I am committed to him. I understand he needs a break to sort his personal stuff out. And I will be there for him when he wishes to return to play.”

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