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Jessica Biel, How Do You Put Up with Justin Timberlake’s Chronic Flirtations?

Sat, December 12, 2009 11:10am EDT by Add first Comment

If you’ve ever had a boyfriend who can’t stop flirting with other women, you know exactly how Jessica feels!

You’ve been dating your boyfriend for years, but the moment he’s out with his boys, he’s suddenly acting like he’s single! How do you even deal?

That’s exactly what’s happening to Jessica Biel. Despite rumors that her BF of three years, Justin Timberlake, was getting his flirt on with models in NYC on Dec. 9, she was out with her man on Dec. 10 in LA looking happy, happy, happy. What?!

Maybe Jessica just doesn’t get jealous anymore, or maybe she didn’t believe the stories in the first place. Or MAYBE she stomped around her room and threw things, but got it out of her system before seeing her man (like we do).

Here at, our experts have THE best advice for dealing with a chronic flirt. So ladies — and this includes you, Jess! — listen up!

“The best way to deal with a chronic flirt is to get a life — and have fun without him!” advises Dr. Carole Lieberman, psychiatrist and author of Bad Boys: Why We Love Them, How to Live With Them and When to Leave Them.

But don’t just have fun — play him at his own game! YOU do some flirting of your own! “You shouldn’t cheat — unless you feel he’s hopeless — but you can certainly do your own flirting, and fix whatever is giving you doubts about your own desirability,” says Dr. Carole.

Relationship expert and author of Why Hasn’t He Called Yet? Matt Titus gives us the man’s point of view on the flirting situation. “Flirting is behaving amorously without serious intent. He is NOT falling in love with the woman he is flirting with. He is NOT trying to sleep with the woman. He is only trying to feed his ego!”

Adds Matt, “The best way to deal with this is to laugh at and feel sorry for the women that are actually taking him seriously. You should NEVER stop a flirter from flirting. It is who he is. Flirters are not, in most cases, cheaters.”

What do you think? Is flirting harmless or does it put your relationship on the road to ruin?

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