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Are The Duggars Ready To Shell Out $250K For Their 19th Kid?

Sat, December 12, 2009 11:05am EDT by 4 Comments
Courtesy of TLC

Courtesy of TLC

Can you even believe how much it’s going to cost the Duggars to feed their family of 21?

If you think feeding yourself is sometimes hard to manage, can you even imagine being in Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s shoes? Michelle gave birth to the couple’s 19th child, Josie Brooklyn, on Dec. 10 — and we bet you can’t guess how much it costs to keep the family running. will break it down for you: just one kid alone costs $250,000 to raise from birth to adulthood – and that doesn’t include things like dance classes, music lessons, braces OR entertainment! This means the Duggar family will cost a grand total of $4,750,000!

The Duggars, who reside in Arkansas and star in the TLC show 18 and Counting (now 19 and Counting), live as simply as they can. Conservative Baptists, the Duggars homeschool every kid, clothes are handed down and the shopping is done in bulk. Regardless, it isn’t cheap for the gigantic fam to keep their 7,000 square foot home on 20 acres functioning. Are they ready to handle the costs of yet another kid?

Probably. These folks live debt free (we wish we could say the same!) and have their finances down to a science: their motto is even “buy used and save the difference.”

Here’s the breakdown:

• $3,000 for groceries and household items

• $695 for phone, electric and water bills

• $475 for health and dental insurance

• $700 for natural gas to heat the home in the winter; $200 in summer

• $100 for entertainment, like a dinner out

Can you even believe it?

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