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Tiger, Knowing What We Know Now, We Have to Ask Once More: Are You a Sex Addict?

Fri, December 11, 2009 2:41pm EDT by Add first Comment


If your guy has acted on his wandering eye multiple times, he may not be just a serial cheater … he could also be suffering from sex addiction.

With a list of extramarital affairs topping out at a staggering 13, Tiger Woods may have moved way beyond the simple term man whore — he could have a serious, clinical problem.

“If he was cheating with one ore two people, that would be one issue,” says psychotherapist Rhonda Findling. “But this is more than a dozen so far. He’s showing addictive behavior that’s compulsive and out of control given the time frame. His actions show it’s really all about sex for him.”

What about the emotional component? The golf pro reportedly told mistress #1 Rachel Uchitel that he planned on leaving wife Elin Nordegren for her. “Whether or not that’s true, he’s being very manipulative,” Findling, host of Contact Talk Radio’s online show, Help Me Rhonda. “Clearly, he fell for more than just that one woman. He fell for another and another after. It’s like he becomes infatuated with one, then moves on to another. It’s very immature.”

The warning signs of a possible sex addiction were there — not only did he have multiple relationships on the side, it appears Tiger was on the prowl for a women with certain qualities.

“If you line up all the women [he has been linked to], they’re all seductive looking,” says Dr. Douglas Weiss, author of Addicted to Adultery: The Other Reason Spouses Cheat. “He goes for the attractive ones that look to also be very fit. This is a sign he falls into the hunter type [of sex addict].”

While Weiss, the executive director of the Heart to Heart Counseling Center based in Colorado, stresses that you can’t assess anyone as a sex addict based on reports and hearsay alone, he does say, “If something doesn’t make sense, it is an addiction. [Tiger] has got a beautiful wife, a family.”

While no one except Tiger himself and Elin may know if there were any problems in the marriage, one thing is clear — his behavior has shown an addictive pattern. But, notes Weiss, “This is not just one person’s problem. [Sex addiction] is an American situation going wild.”

Tiger, you’re not alone! But for you sake, you might want to get some help.

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