BONNIE SAYS! Tiger, The Time For Silence Has Passed! You Must Speak Out!

Fri, December 11, 2009 7:55am EST by 5 Comments
BONNIE SAYS! Tiger, The Time For Silence Has Passed! You Must Speak Out!

Tiger — You need to start talking to us! And stop torturing Elin!

This situation is completely out of control — your control! Every day brings new revelations about your alleged relationships with multiple mistresses. Today we were treated to 29 sext messages that you allegedly wrote to Jaimie Grubbs, a cocktail waitress who claims that she had a long-term affair with you. Last week she helpfully provided a voice mail you left on her phone — to validate her involvement with you.

Now we’ve all read your intimate messages urging her to do naughty things for you.

A now, we’ve all heard the 4th alleged mistress, Jamie Junger, on the Today Show on Dec. 11th. Is that how you want to leave this? Letting Jamie and all the other diner waitresses and club hostesses have the last word on your public image?

Do you really feel that the short statements you issued acknowledging transgressions and praising your poor, lovely wife, Elin, are enough damage control?

Come on, Mr. BILLION DOLLAR CONTROL FREAK — I can assure you, it’s not even close to enough.

I don’t know who is advising you right now — but are you really sure that you’re getting the best image and “brand” advice?

Are you sure you aren’t surrounded by “yes” people who are sheltering you from the enormity of what you’ve done? Maybe you’re really isolated and you aren’t reading newspapers, watching TV, or going online.

Maybe you think no one will believe the women who’ve come forward with their lurid sexual tales.

If that’s what your think — you are wrong! People are laughing up every sexy new revelation and photo. You’re damaged goods. And your wife, Elin, must be in horrible pain, being exposed to the daily drip of new horrors!

So, do yourself some good and come clean! Speak out yourself publicly like Dave Letterman and Hugh Grant did — acknowledge your idiocy, apologize to your fans, your sponsors, and especially your wife, beg forgiveness and promise to become a new and vastly improved man! Do that and the world will finally start to find something else to dish about.

— Bonnie Fuller


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Posted at 3:57 PM on December 11, 2009  

Your Right Bonnie he should start talking and do it fast.
When he sits down with either Larry or Oprah he needs to get in front of the story. When they ask how many woman he should say so many I can’t remember , so many it scares me!
He should admit to his addictions and declare he his putting his golfing career hold. He needs to say it’s time to deal with his problems by getting help and he needs to try and save his marriage and family, if he can. He should blame no one but himself but also indicate his quest from so young to be the best in golf may have come with a price. A little like poor Micheal!. All in all in he is a very bad spot , sponsors will start bailing or atleast renegotiating sonn. But if he does not bare his soul and get in front of this he is a dead man! Ya Dig!

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Non of Your Business

Posted at 2:58 AM on December 11, 2009  

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What a joke.

If you are cutting words that Hurt yourself and others can not speak their thinking, then what is the value of your site, collumm???

I would like to refrain that we live in the USA and you should accept others criticism as you are doing it to TIGER.

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Non of Your Business

Posted at 2:47 AM on December 11, 2009  


I think what Tiger did is none of business of nobody besides HIM and HIS WIFE.

I know that he’s a celebrety and deserves attention of his fans; HOWEVER, for press to take his problems in the point you are taking, I think you are a VERY LOW PROFILE Reporter that does not have any news to tell your readers.


Then go and find NEWS to tell your readers!!!

Do not try to martirize a star or a celebrity, the way you are treating TIGER WOODS or anyone that cheats on their wives or husbands.

Looks to me that you are frustrated that you are not AMONG TIGER’S list of cheap low profile women.

For me, Tiger can be wrong for cheating his wife, however the more guilty ones are the “EASY” and “FAME SEARCHING” women that go after celebrities to have their 5 minutes of fame.

YES! Not only Tiger but the women that offered him SEX for MONEY or Attention is the most Guilty in this issue.

Instead of making fun of TIGER, why don’t you open a new blog in educating Male and Female in how to behave in front of FAMILY???

You do think that if you “DAMAGE” Tiger’s in his AFFAIR problems you will earn something?


I only think PEOPLES PERSONAL LIFE is to be left at their own and only “THEY” can solve it.

BE A BETTER REPORTER, or COLUMNIST; whatever you call yourself.

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Main guy

Posted at 1:35 AM on December 11, 2009  

I am a young african and i have been reading stuffs about this issues since it all started but i really got something to say today.
Every wealth man like Tiger must be involved in one or two things with mistresses around. Why is the piece of crap going round and round and we keep hearing stuffs everyday that he had so many mistresses and all that…I think if Elin wants to the leave then the door is her’s you should STOP BORING THAT HARD WORKING MAN. He is gentle and handsome, more over he is a very wealthy person indeed, every woman will like to taste a piece of cake from him, tiger go on man, wassup? He have mistresses but never asked or Elin to leave or asked for a divorce. Mayne this is life, i’m pretty sure if we look into things too, Elin will have her own stories to say.

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Posted at 11:05 PM on December 10, 2009  

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