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How Tiger Hid His Alleged Affairs from Elin For So Long — And How He Slipped Up!

Fri, December 11, 2009 10:56am EDT by Chloe Melas 6 Comments


Tiger: How did you manage to hide your alleged affairs from Elin for so long?

Tiger Woods, we can’t believe that you were able to keep your scandalous affairs hidden for so many years! We did some digging, and found out how you could’ve been so sneaky! John Mark, a security expert and owner of Spy Tech Inc., told us what you most likely did to cover up your tracks!

  • Used a different name: As we know from reports, Tiger used an assumed name at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach, Ca. to arrange his tryst with second alleged mistress Jaimee Grubbs — Mr. and Mrs. Bell, which one would assume emanated from his childhood buddy Bryon Bell. Tiger most likely didn’t use his name for hotels and restaurants. “Tiger has any amount of people who can make reservations for him under a different name. He was even registered at the hospital after his accident under a different name,” says John.
  • Multiple cell phones: Jaimie also told Us Weekly that he changed his cell phone four times during the time they knew each other: “He always texted or called with a new number.” Tiger wouldn’t be so bold to use his own cell phone: “Tiger more than likely has several several cell phones. They are probably registered under different names. His entourage could easily buy him phones and allow him to use it,” dishes John. John also tells us that he probably didn’t put the women under their own names in his phone.
  • Pay for things in cash or through other people: According to TMZ, he used Bryon Bell, president of Tiger Woods Design, to buy first alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel’s plane ticket to Australia, where he was playing, and to pay for her hotel room there as well. “If Tiger was going to be staying at a hotel or our with one of his girls he would definitely use cash, or someone else’s credit card so there’s no paper trail,” says John. John tells us that it would make sense that Tiger would borrow someone else’s car when he went to visit his mistresses.
  • Never use your own car to ferry around your mistresses: Jaimie Grubbs tells Us that Tiger would use a limo to drop her and her playmates at their hotel. John tells us that Tiger was probably using different cars other than his own when he went to visit his mistresses. Jaimie Grubbs tells Us that Tiger would use a limo to drop her and her playmates at their hotel.

Of course, all these precautions didn’t mean squat when Tiger’s wife actually found his phone and saw all the sexts and numbers from other women. And that’s when Tiger panicked, trying to get Jaimie to take her name off her outgoing voicemail message so Elin wouldn’t hear a woman’s voice on the other end of the line.

This all sounds like a lot of trouble! Tiger, was it really worth it? — Chloe Melas