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Angie’s Grabbing Brad But Doesn't Really Want Him — Her Body Language Says Something Else!

Fri, December 11, 2009 2:06pm EDT by Chloe Melas Add first Comment

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Getty Images,

Angelina is so hot and cold!

What is up with Angelina’s mixed signals? One second Brad and Angelina are rumored to be having knock-down drag-out fights, then the next the two are holding hands.

Check out the top photo of Brad and Ange — the two stepped out for a date night without their six little ones, Dec. 10 for the annual UNICEF Snowflake ball. Even though Angelina is playfully tugging on Brad’s coat our expert reveals that Ange is showing conflicting cues, “She’s blocking him in two places. She has her arm crossed and the other with her elbow. I think the photo shows that she is confused and doesn’t know whether she wants him near,” says Patti Wood, a body language expert.

Our other expert completely agrees, and says Ange is actually really angry despite the big smile! “She wants to control him and she does. Brad lets her run the show and it’s because of his obvious sexual attraction to her. He is willing to be pulled and you can tell because his head is tilted towards her,” dishes Dr. Lilian Glass, body language expert.

But hottie hubby Brad is showing all the right signs, Patti tells us that Brad looks relaxed and happy, “He is absolutely vulnerable and in love with Angelina. He is showing he can protect her by the way he’s standing — all loving husband cues.”

But hey, take a look at last week’s Dec. 4 photo — the two look lovey dovey as they’re riding home from the premiere of the film, Invictus. They even brought along Maddox, 4, too!

What do you think Angelina’s body language is saying about how she feels about Brad?