Today's Scarewear: Stephanie Pratt!

Wed, December 9, 2009 3:42pm EST by 2 Comments
Today's Scarewear: Stephanie Pratt!

“My, my … did you learn to dress at the Helen Keller school of fashion?”
– Robert Verdi

“Nothing says forget about my DUI like looking good in lycra.”
– Jo Piazza

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Posted at 7:28 AM on December 11, 2009  

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Posted at 12:44 AM on December 10, 2009  

We are all human and we make mistakes. Tiger is not the first man to cheat and he will not be the last. And for Jesper Parnivik, to come to Elin aid all of a sudden in suspicious to me. There is no way that a wife, girlfriend etc. is gong to let an affair go on that long without knowing something. And when Elin’s father first commented don the situation, why did he stop mid sentence. And ince the news has reported that Elin’s parents are no strangers to the media, how convient was it for her mother to get sick at Tiger’s house at a coincidental 2:30am. I think that someone in Elin’s family knows something, and that Tiger is not the only one who has something to hide. The media was saying that Tiger was trying to pay hush money to Rachel, could it have been Elin or her twin sister doing that. Maybe Elin jsut wanted to get out of the marriage and who knows there are women out there who are just that devious to do something to someone else to make them look bad. All I hear on the news is what Tiger’s done. What has Elin done,, Since she had the kids, there are no more glamorous events for her to go to or be seen. And I don’t think that she really cared about being a golfer’s wife, other than for the travel and all. Because now she says via Jespar that she does not want the money or Tiger. What does she want then. I think that some of the Nordegren secrets are about to come out, and it will look really bad if she took the money for something I think that she had a hand in. And lastly, out of all the numbers in Tiger’s phone how did Elin just choose out of the blue and say I will call this one. I do think that it was only one woman that Tiger had an affair with, and Elin paid the money for her to do it. then she had her twin meet with some other cheap looking women, who may have met Tiger elsewhere and paid them to lie. But no one seems to really have any evidence only their lying words of saying that I was Tiger’s mistress. Hell, I could say that and I live here in South Carolina. I just don’t think that Elin is all that innocent, and I think that the truth about her and her family will come out soon. And when Tiger does get back on the golf course…just remember Jespar Parnivik you just might have to be in the final pairing with the world’s #1 golfer. I hope that your 3 iron works well for you.

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