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Could Elin Nordegren Have Used Technology to Catch Hubby Tiger Woods in the Act?

Wed, December 9, 2009 11:41am EDT by Add first Comment
Could Elin Nordegren Have Used Technology to Catch Hubby Tiger Woods in the Act?


Here are five ways you can catch a cheater electronically!

So you’ve got some suspicion your man has a wandering eye but don’t know what to do. Do you follow him? Hack into his cell phone? Check his emails on the sly?

You could, but there’s also the possibility it could ruin your relationship if he finds out you’ve been all up in his business. Instead, the tech gurus over at Intelius, an e-commerce company that provides consumers with info to make smart decisions, have five tips on how to use technology to check up on your guy (or girl):

1. Google Latitude. Download this app on your Smartphone (which has to have GPS) and “accidentally forget it” in his car. With this program, you’ll be able to log into your Google account and follow your phone — and him. You won’t be able to get the exact, specific addresses of his whereabouts, but you’ll have an idea of where he says he is — and where he really is.

2. Intelius‘ Reverse Directories. Is he getting random phone calls at 2 a.m.? Find out that phone number and plug it in to a reverse cell phone to see where the call is coming from.

Any fishy emails? Go ahead and plug the address in; Intelius will try to find a match. Of course, nothing is 100 percent full-proof, but for less than $5 a search you tap into one of “the most extensive cell phone databases available,” says Intelius spokeswoman Melissa Korb. She adds that these are all legal because they’re drafted from public records.

3. SlyDial. Know the phone number that keeps calling your boyfriend’s cell? Use this voice messaging service and you’ll be able to connect to that mobile’s voicemail and hear whose mailbox it is. “It’s like calling someone to find out who they are without any confrontation,” says Korb.

4. Facebook/MySpace/Twitter. You don’t have his passwords but that doesn’t mean you can’t see what’s going on. Look for signs, like weird activity on his social network sites (i.e. comments from unknown women), and you’ll be able to see who’s been giving him more attention than you’d like.

5. Webcams. This may or may not provide the definitive proof you want, but here’s a warning: Advises Korb, “Use this as a last resort, unless you’re pretty sure of what exactly is going on. This are one of those cases where you have to be completely in control of the situation.”

If you’re hesitant about spending a few bucks or taking the time to surf the Web, remember, says Korb,”this is all a pretty cheap price to pay for your peace of mind.”

Don’t you agree?

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