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Tiger Woods, You’ve Let Down Your Daughter & Endangered Your Wife!

Mon, December 7, 2009 7:47pm EDT by 21 Comments


Tiger—You’ve Let Down Your Daughter and You’ve Risked Elin’s Health!

Tiger Woods—I wouldn’t be surprised if Elin is so fed up that she has moved out of your $2.6 million home, as has been reported by But while you’re still supposedly trying to save your marriage and your image, I’ve got one more HUGE issue for you to reflect on!

You’re a lousy, lousy dad! Guess what, when you cheated on your wife Elin, you weren’t just recklessly risking your relationship with your wife, you were also ruining your chances to be a great father!

What kind of man would rather spend hours and hours of his free time in bars picking up women, or in hotel suites having sex with one of nine or more alleged mistresses, or in a church parking lot allegedly doing the nasty with a waitress, rather than playing with his two precious young children?

And what kind of a message is Tiger sending his two young children? He’s actually giving them several and none of them will lead to anything positive in their lives as they grow up!

numbers_1You’re telling your kids they’re not as important as your sexual urges. You put your frat-boy sex needs ahead of their sense of security and well-being. You didn’t care that your cheating could destroy your marriage and your family. Children need a sense of security and not just financial—and you didn’t provide that.

numbers_1You’re telling your daughter, Sam, who’s just 2, that you have no respect for her or her mother or other women! The world now knows that you disrespected your wife—and that’s incredibly humiliating for Elin. But how will little Sam feel when she gets old enough to understand what you chose to do? Not only that you preferred to hound dog around the globe, than to be a dad, but how you treated the women that you cheated with. You treated all your lovers like they were sex toys without feelings. As alleged mistress #6 Mindy Lawton’s sister said, you treated her like she was meat, not a woman who actually developed real feelings for you.

Poor little Sam will grow up feeling as worthless as you’ve made Elin and your lovers feel because her needs have taken such a major backseat to yours. Bet you haven’t thought about that Tiger? Is that what you want your daughter to feel?

numbers_1Both your kids—Sam and baby Charlie—can look forward to being teased about your catting around when they hit grade school. This episode isn’t going to be gone … ever. They’ll have to deal with the fallout FROM your behavior.

numbers_1Finally, how is Sam ever going to trust a man to be loyal to her after YOU haven’t been? “Whenever a daddy is with or has had mistresses, little girls feel as though they’ve been cheated on—not just the mother,” agrees psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman. “Daddy preferred to be with and give attention to the other women, not her. When Tiger’s daughter Sam grows up, she will have a problem trusting partners and dates!”

Then Tiger, let’s just discuss how selfishly you have endangered your wife Elin’s health. One of your lovers, Jaimee Grubbs, said you didn’t use a condom — “It wasn’t even discussed. He just never used one,” she confessed AND he never asked if she was on birth control. Another lover, Mindy Lawton, apparently told her sister, Lynn, that you never used condoms while bedding her either.

It’s amazing that with all your multiple assignations that you never contracted an STD and passed it on to Elin! Imagine what could have happened to her, especially with her having two pregnancies while you were cheating!

Well obviously, you didn’t imagine it or care.

So Tiger—while you’re battling to save your sorry reputation and your marriage, better give serious thought to the apologies you’ll need to give your children and to how you can save your relationships with them!


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