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Is Tiger Woods A Sex Addict?

Mon, December 7, 2009 8:33pm EDT by Add first Comment


Although all signs point to “HECK YES,” an expert says Tiger’s no addict!

Does Tiger Woods have a problem? As more and more women come out of the woodwork claiming they’ve been intimate with “The Tiger”, it would appear that the pro golfer has a problem (and not just of the testosterone variety, either).

Not so fast, says sex expert Dr. Daisy Sutherland. “[Cheaters] use that as an excuse. It’s something to try to get them away scot-free. Tiger has to be responsible for his actions. Using the term addict is almost like a cop out.”

Even though Tiger’s been accused of sleeping with at least 10 women during his short five year marriage, Dr. Sutherland says he’s not likely to be a sex addict.

“I think he took his fame to another extreme,” she explains. “A lot of these people who are pro [sports stars] think they are invincible. People are probably going to try and peg it on him being an addict, but come on – he had to know what he was doing!” Dr. Sutherland predicted.

However, leading sex-pert Dr. Drew Pinksy told Entertainment Tonight that Tiger might have a legitimate problem. “It’s safe to say that sex addiction might be a part of his problem,” the TV doctor said.

But Dr. Drew questioned the prognosis, telling ET that, typically, sex addicts have a troubled childhood, which doesn’t seem to be the case with Tiger, who seemingly grew up with parents who showered their support on him.

Tiger’s actions don’t seem so shocking for a pro athlete — many of whom have been revealed to be cheaters — but they do seem odd for our beloved, clean-cut, All-American golfer.

Do you think calling Tiger a sex addict lets him off the hook?

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