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Florida Waitress Mindy Lawton Named As Tiger Woods' FIFTH Alleged Mistress

Sun, December 6, 2009 12:32pm EDT by 3 Comments


And she says he was into some freaky stuff in the bedroom!

A new report today from the UK’s Daily Mail claims that Tiger Woods carried on a 14-month affair with now-34-year-old Mindy Lawton, a waitress from Orlando, Florida. She reportedly met him in summer 2006 when she was working at Perkins, a diner close to Tiger’s home where he reportedly often took wife Elin Nordegren out for breakfast. 

Mindy’s sister, Lynn Lawton, describes her as “extremely naive. She is single, never married, never had children and still looking for a relationship. I have to hand it to him. It was brilliant to choose my sister to play his kind of game. … My sister was just a little girl on an hourly wage at Perkins. We knew what he wanted her for. But she wouldn’t believe it.”

One day, Lynn says, Mindy got a call at Perkins from Tiger, himself. “This is Tige [a pet name he used for himself],” he reportedly said. “Will you meet me at the Blue Martini?” So Mindy went to meet him, bringing older sister Bobbi Lawton along. Mindy and Bobbi partied with Tiger and some basketball players, and according to Bobbi, Tiger couldn’t keep his eyes off of Mindy while she danced.

Mindy then reportedly drove back to Tiger’s gated community, where she was let in by the guard, and then had sex with Tiger at his home. She believed Elin was out of the country at the time. The affair allegedly picked up speed and Lynn says Mindy would meet Tiger at his home every two or three weeks for sex. And he supposedly did very little to hide his interest in Mindy, waiting at Perkins for Mindy to get off her shift. Lynn suggests that the guards in Tiger’s gated community may have just thought Mindy was his cleaning lady.

Mindy shared the more intimate details of her relationship with Tiger with News of the World. “Sometimes I looked like a rag doll after we’d made love,” she said. “He really did like it quite rough. … He wanted to spank me and loved pulling my hair as we had sex. He also liked me to talk dirty to him, but hair-pulling was what really turned him on.”Tiger just used me as his sex toy. I thought I meant something to him, but all he cared about was lust. He is a selfish, heartless man.”

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Pretty soon, Mindy’s entire family knew about the affair, but shrugged it off, assuming that maybe all celebrities acted this way. Lynn’s husband confronted Mindy about it one day, asking if she knew that Tiger was married. Lynn says Mindy burst into tears. “The way he is behaving with you, behind his wife’s back, I am sure he has a lady in every city,” her husband told Mindy.

Lynn also tells the paper about text messages she says she saw between Tiger and Mindy. “One of them said he was dreaming of being inside of her,” she says. “Another said, ‘Do you want to get laid?’ It was crude. There was no mention of love.”

Tiger reportedly ended his affair with Mindy when the two were spotted by National Enquirer reporters in a church parking lot in Florida. The tabloid reportedly planned to run a story, exposing Tiger’s infidelity, but a secret deal was allegedly struck. The Daily Mail claims that the National Enquirer agreed not to print the story, so long as Tiger posed for the August 2007 cover of its sister magazine, Men’s Fitness

After that, Lynn says, the affair just ended. He stopped calling Mindy altogether. “You’d have thought with all his money, he would have paid her off and all the other girls but I guess he thought he had them in the palm of his hand,” she says. “He treated my sister like a piece of meat.”

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