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Update! New Reports On Jamie Jungers, Tiger Woods' Fourth Alleged Mistress

Sun, December 6, 2009 1:13am EDT by 2 Comments


While Tiger cheated on Elin, Jamie was also cheating on her own fiancé!

UPDATE: The UK’s Mirror has new details about Tiger Woods‘ fourth alleged mistress, Jamie Junger! According to the paper, Tiger met Jamie, 26, at a party at Las Vegas’ Bellagio Hotel — just nine months after his Oct. 2004 wedding to Elin Nordegren. He supposedly asked a messenger to bring Jamie over to his VIP table, then she followed him back to his $5,000-a-night room for “passionate sex.” Las Vegas sources tell the Mirror that the couple carried on an 18-month fling, frequently meeting up at a house Tiger owned in California.

But Tiger wasn’t the only one cheating! At the time of their first encounter, Jamie was engaged to businessman Derek Schmidt. Derek, 28, tells the Mirror he was a huge Tiger fan and collected videos and memorabilia of the sports star.

“On the night Jamie met him for the first time, I had just bought the new Tiger Woods computer game” he says. “The following morning she told me she had met Tiger Woods and he gave her his number — and like an idiot I got really excited about it. … I even asked her if she could call him so I could get my computer game signed. … I knew Tiger had come on to her and asked for her number. I knew that he called her whenever he came to Las Vegas. … But she insisted that nothing was going on.”

Derek says Jamie even shared intimate details of their first meeting with him! “[Tiger] immediately started hitting on her and telling her she was beautiful,” Derek says. “She told me he asked for her number and gave her his. … I was surprised because I knew he was married and I didn’t think he was that type of guy. But I trusted Jamie. We had been engaged for over a year then – having first started dating in 2002 – and were head over heels in love.”

Jamie then supposedly showed Derek Tiger’s number and they called it on speaker phone. Derek says Tiger’s answering machine said: “You’ve called the right person at the wrong time. Please leave a message. … I thought that was pretty cool. I put his number in my phone and took it to work to show my colleagues. I played them all the same answer phone message. I had no idea my fiancée had slept with him the previous night. Now I feel like a total idiot.”

Jamie started distancing herself from Derek, often being away for “business,” until Derek eventually ended the relationship in 2007. After the break up, he say she finally found out about Jamie’s affair with Tiger.

Needless to say, he’s no longer a fan.


Jamie Jungers, a model from Las Vegas, is the latest woman to come forward with the story of an alleged affair with Tiger Woods, Radar Online is reporting. Sources tell the site that Tiger and Jamie carried on their affair for more than two years, and it occurred sporadically. The site has also learned that Jamie made a deal with a yet-unknown British newspaper to officially run her story along with an exclusive interview.

And according to TMZ, Jamie has hired Orlando attorney Michael O’Quinn to speak on her behalf.

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