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Has Tiger Treated All His “Other Women” Badly?

Sat, December 5, 2009 11:18am EDT by Chloe Melas 5 Comments, Getty Images (3), Getty Images (3)

It sounds as though Tiger treats all of his women with disrespect!

Tiger Woods, it’s bad enough that you treat your wife Elin Nordegren, badly but even your other women? We spoke with relationship experts who give us an inside peak into what Tiger is really thinking!

  1. He tells his mistresses he wants threesomes. Tiger told who we thought was his only mistress, Rachel Uchitel — but turns out to be one of three so far — that he had a dream, “You were in the bedroom getting f–ked by Derek [Jeter] and David [Boreanaz]. Some part of me thinks you would like that. We spoke with relationship guru and host of SiriusXM’s Cocktails With Patrick, Patrick Meagher, who tells us,”Tiger wants to satisfy his own ego. He used to be a nerd and he’s still a nerd, but with power.”
  2. Tiger makes the women leave after he has sex with them. The ‘other, other’ woman Jaimee Grubbs, recalls to Us Weekly Dec.2 that after they had sex, “He was like, ‘You should probably go.'” We let Patrick tackle this touchy subject, “It’s a combination of guilt and power. One, he feels guilty, but two it’s a power thing, he knows she isn’t going to say anything,”dishes Patrick.
  3. He pays off his own wife — with $5 Mil! It’s been rumored that Tiger deposited $5 million smackaroos into Elin’s account so that she wouldn’t leave the marriage! “The person with the money is the one  in control — and that’s not very romantic!  It may seem practical, but the person under contract feels like are like a prostitute,” says Beverly Hills-based Psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman.
  4. Tiger offers to pay for their homes. He offered to foot the bill for a Las Vegas pad for mistress Jaimee Grubbs. “He’s doing it so he can keep an eye on her — but it’s still just about power,” says Patrick.

Didn’t anyone ever tell Tiger that money doesn’t buy real happiness? The once clean-cut golfer is apparently one freaky dude.

Chloe Melas