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Tiger Woods Fallout: How To Make Sure Your Man Is NOT Cheating!

Fri, December 4, 2009 10:30am EDT by Chloe Melas 4 Comments


Watch out! Could your man be a Tiger Woods, too? Here are 5 warning signs he could be up to no good, from Cosmopolitan Editor-in-chief Kate White! Plus, 5 tips to make sure your man sticks around forever!

  1. He becomes hypercritical of you! “A man will re-direct his guilt about cheating, and instead will put you down.”, says Cosmo’s Editor-in-chief Kate White. “If you ever raise suspicions that he might be cheating and he says, ‘God, you’re paranoid,’ be suspicious,” says Kate. If he’s not guilty he should reassure you.
  • Paying more attention to his body than normal. If he’s suddenly working out more and caring more about his appearance more than he ever has before, that’s a huge red flag — we want him to look good, but not better than us!
  • If he doesn’t want to include you in work functions. Men meet women in the work place and it’s a melting pot made for cheating! Think David Letterman at the office. Think Tiger away on the golf circuit. “If he doesn’t want to make you a part of his work life that’s not good,” says Kate.
  • If he is very protective of his cell phone Listen up ladies! If he’s taking calls and having to step into another room, or if he never lets his phone leave his side be worried. “The phone is a connector. If he changes his tone or seems nervous when he’s on the phone around you that’s a huge indicator,” says Kate.
  • He loses interest in sex. That’s weird because “guys want sex all the time,” dishes Kate.

Here are Kate’s tips on how to keep your relationship fresh:

  • Have your own separate identity being a strong presence in his life is important, but having your own life is just as important.
  • Make him feel great! Women talk about how we need our guy to say we look hot but, “You need to validate him too! By saying things like you look great,” advises Kate.
  • Stay close to him. See him alot! “Guys want a shorter leash than they let on, call him and say, ‘Hey, I’m going to be in the area — let’s grab lunch, it’s been a while.’ It keeps you together,” confesses Kate. Also, it marks your territory so other women know to back off!
  • Take the temperature on your relationship. Don’t be afraid to ask your man ‘Hey how are we doing these days?’ because relationships require work!
  • Spice it up! Guys like variety. Grab him and throw him on the counter or on the washing machine, “guys like novelty,” says Kate!

Follow this advice and if he ever does step out — you’ll be onto him before he knows it! — Chloe Melas