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Lawyers Advice To Elin! Don't Take $5 Mil — Demand More!

Fri, December 4, 2009 10:53am EDT by Chloe Melas 2 Comments


Do you think Elin should settle for an instant re-signing bonus of $5 million to stay in her marriage?

We don’t! So we went right to two top celebrity attorneys to get you instant advice on how to re-negotiate your pre-nup to get what’s best for you and little Sam Alexis,4, and Charlie, 10 months.

  • Ask for more money now! You need to secure your immediate future, “Elin should demand $100 million immediately be deposited into her personal account!”says celebrity divorce attorney Raymond Rafool.
  • Renegotiate pre-nup to include a null and void clause. Elin, you need to make sure that if Tiger cheats on you again that you’re safe! “She should demand that if Tiger commits adultry again that your prenup is immediately null and void.”
  • Put everything possible in your own name! You must keep your bank account in your own name or immediately make yourself the sole name on every account you have in order to protect your money! Put your marital home in your name AND put the title of the car and everything else in your own name too so he can’t touch it!
  • Get a huge life insurance policy on your man! You should make sure that there is a massive life insurance policy in the event of a sudden death so that you’re financially secure.
  • Get your own safety deposit box. “Elin should make sure that she puts all of her jewelry and any other important items in her own safety deposit box — because in divorces jewelry is one of the first things to go missing,” dishes New York divorce attorney, Vikki Ziegler.
  • Create trusts for your children. Make sure there are special accounts set up for your children in their names but trusts cost money, “So, make sure Tiger funds the trust for the children and not you,” says Vikki.
  • Get your own financial advisor! It’s so important to keep track of your money by an independent third party — so you MUST make certain that you get your own personal financial advisor! — Chloe Melas