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Elin Nordegren — Don’t Sell Your Soul For $80 million dollars!

Fri, December 4, 2009 9:22pm EDT by 17 Comments
Elin Nordegren — Don’t Sell Your Soul For $80 million dollars!


Ladies: Would you stay with a cheating husband like Tiger Woods if he offered you multi-millions?

That’s the big decision facing Tiger Woods‘ wife Elin Nordegren right now. Well, I’ve got some advice for you Elin. Don’t do it—don’t take the money from Tiger, if you’re just sticking with him for the big bucks, the big prestige, of being his wife and because it seems like too big a deal to walk away: Just think about it. Right now he’s probably on his knees begging for forgiveness and promising you everything in the world. He’s probably promising you he’ll be faithful, he’s swearing that he truly loves you and he’s promising to make it up to you for the rest of your God-given lives!

That’s now. But what happens when the media spotlight finally goes away and he feels like he’s done enough damage control to save the sanctity of “Brand Tiger Woods”

Then—will he resent you for being the ball and chain that he’s tethered to for all time? Will he be inwardly grousing that he’s bored in bed because he wants more than “married sex?” Or even worse, will he feel that since he’s shelled out, he’s earned the right to step out and that you have now agreed to look the other way?

In other words—he expects you to shut up and put up. After all—you’ll be getting $80 million for your troubles.

Maybe I’m wrong and Tiger has learned his lesson for good and will be content to be a devoted husband and father. If that were the case, then saving your marriage and family would be worth far more than $80 million.

Elin, I just worry that a tiger doesn’t change its stripes. And no matter how much you still love your husband, even now—he will only continue to hurt you.

How bad would you feel if you signed those new pre-nup papers, took the money and then were stuck in a loveless, sham of a “brandsaving” marriage?

“Depression and anxiety”—that’s what you could be in for if you settle for a bad marriage, no matter what millions you’re getting, agrees Keith Miller, a psychotherapist and relationship therapist.

Listen Elin—if between you, Tiger’s mom Kultida, and your mom Barbro, who are apparently holed up with you and a marriage counselor—you can truly get through to Tiger and make him change his ways for good, then there’s hope. But in that case—you have to be able to forgive him and not hold your anger and hurt over his head for the rest of your lives, says Dr. Joan Atwood, a professor of marriage and family therapy at Hofstra University.

And that’s a really tall order too! Lots to think about Elin. Just don’t make it all about the money. You’ll only be miserable if you sell your soul!

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You guys are really fed up with Tiger – and you want Elin to drop him!

63% of women say leave Tiger, and 37% say Elin should stay and work it out!

Sally says, “Leave marriage is supposed to be about love!”
Robin dishes, “Leave and take the $5 million and his balls with her! He’s a dog!”
Yitka tells us, “She should do whatever is best for the kids. Money is important, but so is real life.”
Brooke says, “Stay and punish him!”

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