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What Exactly Happened During Tiger's Car Accident? A Crash Expert Weighs In

Thu, December 3, 2009 6:06pm EDT by Add first Comment
Tiger Woods' Escalade after his Noc. 27 crash in Florida


If these crash snaps are any indication, a photograph is NOT worth a thousand words!

Even though police have released several photos of Tiger Woods’ car and accident scene from his Nov. 27 crash, so many questions still linger.

HollywoodLife wanted answers, so we called upon Wilbur Meredith, an accident reconstruction expert, who tells us how he thinks it all went down — and why the photos are raising more suspicion over the golf pro’s injuries:

“Looking at the pictures, my take would be that he didn’t back into a fire hydrant, as has been reported,” Meredith, who owns Cleveland’s Meredith Enterprises, tells us. “He must have hit the hydrant with the left front of his car— the paint marks indicate this. The car then bounced off of it and caused him to lose control, which was when he probably crashed into the tree.”

Meredith finds several things suspicious about Tiger’s great hurry that morning. The broken rear window is the biggest red alert. “If [his wife Elin Nordegren] was trying to get him out, I’m not sure why she went through the rear window, especially the one on the right hand side of the car,” he says.

Another question mark: Tiger’s facial lacerations and bloody mouth. Even without knowing how fast Tiger was traveling, Meredith, who’s been in the car biz for more than two decades, says that the golfer’s injuries “are not consistent with this kind of crash. Based on the photos and the damage to the car, it’s unlikely that he would sustain those kinds of injuries.” Plus, “an Escalade is probably as safe as anything around.”

Tell us, do you believe Tiger’s side of the story given the photographic evidence?