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Well, Tiger, At Least Sports Fans Will Still Love You, Says Top Sportscaster!

Thu, December 3, 2009 7:30am EDT by Bonnie Fuller 1 Comment
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Getty Images

Tiger! Women all over the continent are up in arms over your alleged affair(s) — unless, of course, they want to be in your arms — but at least you probably won’t lose the love of your hard-core sports fans.

“When it comes to sports fans, they only care how their athletes perform on the field, and unless something much darker on Tiger Woods develops, he’ll have a very successful career,” predicts Len Berman, longtime sportscaster and author of the NY Times bestseller, Greatest Moments in Sports. Only if Tiger takes his eye literally off the ball and starts blowing his game, will his fans get fed up, says Berman. “Personally, I think he should have done a David Letterman right away and admitted he’s made mistakes. That probably would have put a lid on the uproar,” believes Berman.

Well, I tell you, Len, those hard-core sports fans — and there are millions of them — they are a strange breed to us girlfriends here. It seems they really do have the memories of fruit flies. You point out that earlier this year, A-Rod was the subject of a controversy after having his cousin inject him with some substance which may have turned out to be steroids. But by later in the year he ended up being feted in a parade down Manhattan’s Canyon of Heroes after helping to lead his Yankees baseball team to a World Series title!

So Tiger, take comfort in Len Berman’s final words on your subject: “There’s an old saying in sports: He may be a creep, but he’s our creep.” Just hope Elin, doesn’t feel the same way about you! —Bonnie Fuller