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Is Tiger Woods Still A Role Model? 7,000 Fans Chime In!

Thu, December 3, 2009 12:27pm EDT by Add first Comment


7,000 fans have taken to the internet, commenting on Tiger WoodsOfficial Web site.  The words came rolling in after Tiger finally released a statement Wednesday morning, Dec. 2.

But most of the people who once looked up to Tiger, considering him a role model, are furious — even hurt — that the professional golf champion could allegedly have cheated on his wife Elin Nordegren.

Golfing Sue wrote: “We have been huge fans & are profoundly disappointed. Your cheating on your beautiful wife and children shows your true colors & sadly erases all the good you have done. This shame will live with your children forever and will always spoil your legacy.”

Other comments weren’t as tactfully written. “I hope you see [your children’s] beautiful faces everytime you’re with another skank,” wrote Morality. “Get yourself and your family tested before it’s too late. When you’re single, it’s not cheating anymore. Learn from your ‘mistakes.'”

Savannah100 didn’t mince words, giving Tiger an ultimatum: “Only God can Judge You and He Will.”

Surprisingly, the majority of fans on his site want to forgive Tiger and wish him only the best, despite the scandal. “I think Tiger has said all he needs to say. He has now cleared the air, all other details don’t matter. All that matters now is how he resolves this at home,” said Bambamy.

Shelly agreed. “I will not judge anyone without walking in their shoes. I hope that you and your family are able to get through the tough times ahead. A family is a gift….treasure it!!”

How do you feel? Is your image of Tiger totally damaged beyond repair?

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